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HANSON is a group of three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
The boys have been performing for many years,  starting 
off a cappella singing for picnics and parties for their 
fathers work.   Since their first performance at Mayfest, 
1992, they have continued singing to become the stars 
that we see them as today.  Their debut album, 
"Middle of Nowhere", was a major success 
for them but this wasn't their first album.  Their first
albums were two independent releases titled "Boomerang" 
and "MMMBop".  Both were released in their hometown.

Because their dad worked in a drilling company, the boys got the chance to live in many different countries (Ecuador, Trinidad, and Venezuela (did I spell that right?) ) which aren't English speaking countries. So the boys grew up listening to their fathers 50's and 60's records which has proved to have a great impact on their music. As they grew up in their musical career, the boys covered many popular oldies songs such as "Rockin' Robin", "Poison Ivy", and many more.

After many years of singing and about 12 turn downs from different record companies, Mercury Records finally took notice and listened to the boys, finding that these boys could write and play their own music. Once signed with Mercury, their first single "MMMBop" and debut album "Middle of Nowhere", proved to be a smashing hit for them, driving them to instant stardom all over the world in 1997. These boys who once played for picnics and parties were now playing for audiences of hundreds of fans.

That same year, they released a Christmas album titled "Snowed In" which also did extremly well along with a home video entitled "Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere" which gave fans a look into the backstage life of who HANSON really is.

After a 1998 world tour titled "The Albertane Tour", a live album called "Live From Albertane" along with a tour video called "The Road to Albertane" was released the same year. After finishing this tour the boys decided it was time to head back to the studio.

Once hitting the studio again, HANSON began to fade from the lime-light. In the middle of the recording process, Mercury Records merged into what is now called Island Def Jam causing some delays on the release of the album. There were also problems with producers and such on the album, causing an even longer delay. It seemed as if HANSON, once immensly popular, had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

With the release of their long awaited album"This Time Around", to the delight of many, HANSON reappeared into the spotlight. Their video "This Time Around" hit MTV with a bang, knocking off such bands as Backstreet Boys and NSync out of the number one spot for a short time. But once again HANSON began to fade away. The release of their second single off the album, proved to be a success. "If Only" was released and held it's spot as number one on MTV's "Total Request Live" against popular artists like Britney Spears and NSync, proving that HANSON definetly has what it takes to rock!

After the release of the album HANSON took to the road once again, kicking off their "This Time Around Tour 2000". The band played in smaller venues this time, hoping to create a more intimate atmosphere with their fans. The tour was a great success, selling out at almost every venue and proving that no matter what, HANSON is talented enough to keep people entertained and will continue to succeed for years to come.

For more accurate and up-to-date information, and information about joining the official fan club called MOE (Middle of Everywhere), check out the Official Hanson Website

If you would like to contact HANSON, send an email to