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Oh ya
You promised not to say a word.
You promnised you would keep it quiet.
But you and I both knew it,
It was written all over your face.

	So I cried, oh ya
	The day you said goodbye.
	So I cried, 
	The day that our love died.
	The day you said goodbye. 

We had a love I thought could last.
I guess I was thinking four leaf clovers.
But you wish we were over,
So I'm lost and love only your walk.

(Repeat chorus)

Let's not even bother, 
Talkin' about it.
It doesn't really matter to you,
So get on home baby, get on home baby.

A secrets something that you keep.
And a heart is something to hold onto.
But you played by your own rules,
And one day it will blow up in your face.

You'll cry, oh ya
The day he says goodbye.
That day that your love died.
You'll cry,
The day he says goodbye, goodbye.

(ad libbing till the end)