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Everybody wonders and some people know.
I guess that I'm some people 'cause baby it shows.
When will you do it? And why will you go?
You've already decided and delivered the blow.

The way you walk around me. The way you talk around me. You act so speechless, You've got nothin' to, nothin' to say. The way you walk around me. The way your talkin' to me. Makes me wonder, If this was only play. And I wonder will you still love me? Do you still love me, like you did before. Oh did you before, oh

Said come on baby, you think I'm so blind. I see what you're doin' behind my back all the time. I get suspiciouse when you call me someone else's name. You think I don't notice that nothings the same anymore.

(Repeat chorus)

OOh baby you think I'm so blind OOh baby I'm not playing around this time

(Repeat chorus)